For thousands of years, the great city of Ehran grew from the humble village ruled by a barbarian warlord to a continent spanning metropolis that ruled lands across the multiverse. All races came to Ehran, from ancient dragons to Halfling wanderers. Eventually, jealousy arose among the many factions of Ehran culminating in a plane-spanning civil war. No one remembers who began the fighting but the dark and alien aboleths ended things when they triggered a weapon that shattered the planet of Ehran and broke the many portals that knit the plane-spanning empire together.


Across the multiverse, survivors fled the destruction. Some made their way to world on the far-flung edge of the old empire, which they renamed Terra (after the ancient legends). Quickly spreading across the new world, peace remained for 5,000 years before the rise of the Draconis Empire. Ruled by an ancient red dragon of immense power and aspirations to godhood, the Empire spread out on a war of conquest across the Northlands. Subjugating the human realms easily, the empire engaged in a century of warfare against the small pockets of free people. A cabal of half-elven wizards from the forested islands of Essahl united the Northlands and drove the Empire back to the western heart of their dark realm.

A hundred years have passed and the red dragon stirs again. It is a time of conflict and change. In the south, the warm islands of the city states have retreated from much of the world, content to tame their savage lands and carry on trade with the neighboring desert kingdoms. The many kingdoms of the northlands vie for power with each other, caught between the rearming of the red dragon and the dreams of conquest by the knights of the Iron Lands. To the east, the warlords of Jan battle for control of their island while a civil war threatens to engulf the vast empire of Ka.

Draconis Rising